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Melee Sight/Seeing Chronocopia

High Holdings is a framework that addresses unfolding depictions of the world that may appear unrecognizable but are truly products of terrestrial occupation. High Holdings explores our sensibilities to discern within massive change.
Ҁ↝ 03 Melee Everything simultaneously. Ѯ↝ 02 Sight/Seeing The image as the precursor of the spatial project. Ҩ↝ 01 Chronocopia The abundance of time.
Ann Quin, Letter to Number 7 Judith, Confidential Krispy Kreme Memo Thomas Moynihan, TH12. Global Vertebral Telegraphy & Neural Neuzeit Kwame Anthony Appiah, Professional Relativism Boris Groys, From Image to Image File—and Back Jamie Kuehn, The Mirador Hotel Emanuele Coccia, The World of the Sensible Dominic Oliver, Spatial Pharmakon: Screen Disgust with the Post-Leisure Mediainterior Jim Franzen, Two Myths Debunked (an Amazon comment) ★★★★★ Robert Smithson, Quasi-Infinities and the Waning of Space Praveen Paranagamage, European Patent Application Karen Barad, Mushroom Clouds Lea D'Albronn Allexandre, Better than Well 4chan user No.7726560, I Just LOVE the Hustle Bill Viola, Will there be Condominiums in Data Space? Wolfgang Schivelbusch, Railroad Space and Railroad Time Thomas Jenkins, A Trajectory Through a Home
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Karen Barad Emanuele Coccia Susanne Graner Boris Groys Isobel Harbison Eleni Ikoniadou Shusha Niederberger Thomas Moynihan Wolfgang Schivelbusch Robert Smithson Nick Thurston Benoît Turquety Ben Vickers Bill Viola Kentaro Yamada
Darcy Arnold-Jones Francesca Paola Beltrame Rebecca Bradley Lara Bryan Kane Carroll Anyu Chan Elva Choi Léa Allexandre D'Albronn Emily Victoria Dawson Laura Duffey Alexander Farmer Kate Frew Abdulrahman Hassan Thomas Jenkins Farid Karim Jamie Kuehn Nicole Langridge Guy Mills Raluca Moldoveanu Bradley Mortlock Alejandro Nieto Anna O'Leary Dominic Oliver Praveen Paranagamage Divya Patel Adam Price Harry Postins Joshua Keith Richards Claudia Robalino Matthew Rooney Felix Scobie Frederick Sheppard Panalee Skulchokchai Wai Ching Regina Szeto Jade Tang Melissa Wear Anastasia Whitehead Mingjing Zhang
Convened by Valle Medina and Benjamin Reynolds of Pa.LaC.E, Basel/London. High Holdings is currently at the Royal College of Arts, London.
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Simulating a melee with structural load testing; a communion of strangers. Source: STRUCTURE magazine. Ephemeral “bullet comments” on Chinese video-sharing website bilibili populate the screen adding to the original plot of TV series. Photo: bilibili. The geology of underground hip hop scene, Doug Rickard, ongoing project.